Make Firefox Look Like Internet Explorer v2.0

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Yes, it’s true. There are some people that prefer the look of Internet Explorer to the way Firefox looks (though I’ve never met one). So, John Haller has created this simple How To guide that shows you just what needs to be done to get Firefox looking just like IE. The goal of this project is mainly to demonstrate the power of Firefox’s themes and extensions in making the browser work the way you want it to.

+ Make Firefox Look Like Internet Explorer v2.0 [from]

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Download of the Day: FoxyTunes (Firefox/Internet Explorer)

Posted on February 1, 2007. Filed under: Browsers, Downloads, Firefox, IE, Music |

Firefox and Internet Explorer only: Access and play your music library from within your browser with FoxyTunes, a free plug-in. The latest version adds support for (though currently only in the Firefox version).

The new addition definitely merits a look. In case you’re not familiar with it, the plug-in adds a full complement of music-player controls to your browser, thus saving you having to switch apps to skip tracks, pause playback and so on. Now you can do the same with your player: see what’s playing, skip tracks, control volume, etc.

For now the support is Firefox-only, but an IE update is coming soon. In the meantime, don’t miss this essential browser add-on. It’s free.

+ FoxyTunes 2.2.5

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Firefox 3 Alpha 1, The First Taste Of The Next Generation Of Firefox

Posted on January 15, 2007. Filed under: Browsers, Firefox |

Project code name “Gran Paradiso”, is the version 3 of the popular mozilla browser Firefox 3. The new generation of the Firefox browser introduces several new features which can be tested in the first alpha 1. Notice that some of the changes in Gecko 1.9 Alpha 1 will affect the web and platform compatibility of Gran Paradiso Alpha 1:

  • Cairo is now being used as the default graphics library, affecting all graphic and text rendering
  • Cocoa Widgets are now used in OS X builds
  • An updated threading model
  • Changes to how DOM events are dispatched
  • Changes to how elements are loaded
  • Changes to how web pages are painted
  • New SVG elements and filters, and improved SVG specification compliance
  • Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows ME are no longer supported platforms
  • OS X 10.2 is no longer supported, and OS X 10.3.9 or higher is recommended
  • Moving DOM nodes between documents now requires a call to importNode or adoptNode as per the DOM specification.
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Gmail or Thunderbird?

Posted on January 9, 2007. Filed under: Browsers, eMail, Firefox, GMail |

I’m a loyal Gmail user but I keep hearing good things about Thunderbird. Is it really the Firefox of email programs? Why should I use Thunderbird instead of – or in conjunction with – Gmail?

+ Read the reply here

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Search across Firefox tabs with the Showcase extension

Posted on October 24, 2006. Filed under: Browsers |

Firefox extension Showcase displays thumbnails of open Firefox tabs and switches between them easily (ala IE 7 Quick Tabs and foXpose and a few others), but it also lets you search text across several web pages at once.

With Showcase installed, hit the thumbnail keyboard shortcut (F12 by default) to see all your open tabs as thumbnails. Then hit Ctrl-F to summon the Find box and do an as-you-type text search across the open pages real time. The pages that don’t contain the terms disappear as you search and only the ones that do remain. You can even limit your search to the pages’ titles, URLs or content, and invert the results. Super cool! Showcase has a bunch of other customizable features, but this one really blew me away.

+ Showcase

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Bypass IE7 Windows validation

Posted on October 23, 2006. Filed under: Browsers, Microsoft |

Internet Explorer user Ferdous Mahmud Shaon posts instructions on how to bypass IE 7’s Windows Genuine Advantage during installation.

Windows Genuine Advantage “validates” your copy of Windows to make sure it’s not pirated or stolen (and generally draws out IE 7’s already-long installation process.) To bypass it, you have to replace a few .dll’s and swap some executable’s before and after reboot. WARNING: I did not test Shaon’s instructions myself (I validated my copy of Windows – albeit begrudgingly – last week), so proceed with caution at your own risk if more legitimate methods fail you.

+ How to Install Internet Explorer 7.0 Bypassing Genuine Windows Validation… [Shaon’s Weblog]

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Download of the Day: AOL OpenRide (Windows)

Posted on October 17, 2006. Filed under: Browsers |

Windows only: This may come as a shock, but AOL OpenRide is really, really cool. It combines a tabbed Web browser, an AOL/POP e-mail client, an AIM chat applet, and a video/music/photo/file player/viewer. In other words, it’s kind of like the AOL of old–but with a much smaller footprint. And as with everything AOL these days, it’s free. I particularly liked the Dynasizer, a little drag-and-drop handle for resizing the four main panes however I want. Not everything is working perfectly at this point, but this is still a pretty slick program. Worth checking out.

+ AOL OpenRide

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Early(ish) Adopter Download of the Day: Firefox 2.0 RC 3 (All platforms)

Posted on October 17, 2006. Filed under: Browsers, Google |

Another short week after releasing RC2 (which was released a week and a half after RC1), Firefox is pushing out the 3rd release candidate of Firefox 2.0.

To be honest, I can’t see a ton of changes between RC3 and RC2 after installing and playing around with it for a little bit, but you can assume there have been some small tweaks and stability improvements along the way. Also, according to a quote from Mozilla engineer Mike Schroepfer at ComputerWorld, “If there are no showstoppers, RC3 will be it,” meaning if you’ve been waiting for the final 2.0 but just can’t wait any longer, chances are pretty good that RC3 is good to go. For some enticing 2.0 candy, checkout Gina’s screenshot tour of Firefox 2.0. Firefox 2 RC3 is a free download, all platforms.

+ Release Candidate Downloads [Mozilla]

+ New version of Firefox available for download [ComputerWorld]

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Firefox 2 Tip: Instant calculator

Posted on October 15, 2006. Filed under: Browsers, Google |

Reader Jerry points out that Firefox 2’s suggest-as-you type Google search box is an instant calculator.

Simply type your mathematical formula into the search box (Alt-K Cntrl-K to get there quick) and you’ll get your answer even before you hit the equals sign. Awesome.

+ Early Adopter Download of the Day: Firefox 2.0 RC 2 (All platforms)

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Create your own search engine with Windows Live Search macros

Posted on October 15, 2006. Filed under: Browsers |

Windows Live Search has made it extremely easy for you to roll your very own search engine.

All you need to do is go through the interactive Search Macro Wizard; enter in a few sites, customize the look of your page, and ka pow! You’ve got your own search engine. You can also search other people’s search engines Windows Live Macros, create as many macros as you want, or go back in and edit what you’ve already done.

+ Live Search Macros: Create Your Own Search Engine [via Live Search Weblog]

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Turn Google into your own personal (free) Napster

Posted on October 15, 2006. Filed under: Advice, Browsers, File Sharing, Google |

Google is good for so many things, among which is searching for all sorts of files, including MP3’s. Here’s a quick primer:

-inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle:”index of” +”last modified” +”parent directory” +description +size +(wma|mp3) “Nirvana”

Just substitute the term “Nirvana” for any band or singer you might be looking for, and your search will lead you to open indexes that contain downloadable music files.

+ Turn Google into Napster 2000 [Marc and Angel]

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Create multiple social bookmark links

Posted on October 15, 2006. Filed under: Advice, Browsers, Online Applications |

If you’ve got online content you’d like others to bookmark at sites such as Digg, Furl,, etc., then iFeedReaders’ easy multiple link creator is just for you.

Just pick the bookmarking services you’d like to target, fill in a few tidbits of information, and the HTML code is generated for you. Couldn’t be simpler.

+ Social Bookmark Link Creator [via]

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Private browsing roundup

Posted on September 2, 2006. Filed under: Advice, Browsers |

So you love the internet, but you hate all the history, cookies, and incriminating whatnots hanging around your computer when you’ve finished “browsing”? Wanna keep your secret surfing under wraps? A few tools can help:

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Download of the Day: Browzar (Windows)

Posted on September 2, 2006. Filed under: Browsers, Windows XP |

Windows only (for now): Just when we thought we’d covered every porn private browsing tool available, out pops Browzar, a freeware, lightweight browser with privacy on the brain.

Browzar lets you surf to your heart’s weird content without keeping any of that incriminating or sensitive information on your computer. Browsing history, stored files, cookies, and autocomplete are nowhere to be found with Browzar, so each time you run it, it’s totally clear of your weird usage data.

+ Browzar [via PC World]

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Mozilla delays Firefox 2.0 release

Posted on August 24, 2006. Filed under: Browsers, News |

The Mozilla Foundation has pushed back the release of Firefox 2.0 until 24 October (see developer calender here), a month later than its scheduled arrival.Release of the second beta of the keenly awaited browser software has also been delayed by a week until 23 August. Developers need the extra time to iron out bugs in features such as an integrated spell checker, Ars Technica reports.

Some features in the alpha version of the code won’t make it in the final release. Functions such as an improved bookmark and history system have been axed but may re-emerge within future versions of the browser.

Version 2.0 of the software will still feature a raft of new features including the aforementioned integrated spell checker as well as an anti-phishing tool (a must-have accessory that’s in Opera 9 and will be included in IE 7), improved search, and tabbed browsing.

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