The Science of Spying

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Most people have fantasized about being a spy at one time or another. Be it after a James Bond film or like me, throughout most of your childhood. Well, here’s your chance to make it a reality. Well, sort of. The Science Museum in London (and the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis) has opened an exhibition devoted to modern espionage.

Created by Jump Studios, the show’s conceptual aim is to offer an insight into spying techniques and the issues surrounding identity in modern society. However, for the more childlike among you, it’s the opportunity to see if you’ve got what it takes to crack a safe and root through rubbish for clues.

Built upon various role-play situations, you’ll assume a new identity and sleuth your way through seven zones trying to uncover a hostile threat by the shady OSTECK Corporation. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. It’s for kids and kids only. Wrong! The exhibition was designed for all ages, so there’s no need to feel your muscling in. Even if you are in your mid thirties.

For those of you not based in London or Indianapolis, the show will go on a world tour when the exhibition finishes in September this year.

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Cool Kids Spaces

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Cool designs does not have to be limited to spaces used by adults as we see with these unique areas designed to enhance places of learning.

Forget the “concrete jungle” archetypal school, complete with bars on windows.  This school’s hallways (pictured above) have been inspired by the imaginary landscape of the Silver Dragon. This environment is created to read like a story book; the further you progress through the hallways, the higher your senses are delighted. With shimmering walls, glowing ceilings and a fantasy feel resonating throughout the architecture, the children engage on a higher social level within the school environment.

Traditionally, libraries also suffer from an image problem. Hordes of books coupled with the ‘sshhhh’ factor doesn’t make for a very cool environment. By installing colorful interiors such as oversized book sleeves, a learning space such as the library is transformed into an area which kids see as cool, and therefore are inspired to read and learn.

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Great Looking Website For A Disturbing Cause

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Take a look at this amazingly well designed web site and bear in mind the message that it’s portraying.

The site is focusing on ‘Opening your eyes to the secret suffering of children in The Netherlands’, however this story would be very similar, if not worse, for any other country in the World.

This is well worth a look…!

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