How to deal with a boss that steals your thunder?

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ComputerWorld has an interesting Q and A on how to deal with a boss who takes credit for your work:

“My boss is inappropriately praised for a lot of work she has nothing to do with. The problem is that she seems to feel a need to imply — and sometimes outright state — that she is responsible for the work done by me and others who report to her….How does one address this situation without seeming petty, or is this actually a petty complaint?”

+ How to handle a boss who takes credit for your work [ComputerWorld]

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10 surprising six-figure jobs

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Want to make six figures? You’re probably thinking you’ve got to work on Wall Street or at a law firm, or have gone through years of medical school, to earn that kind of a salary. While all that helps, we found some surprising jobs that pay $100,000 or more. Even for those without an advanced degree, there are ways to hustle for a big paycheck.

Time-tested skills are still in demand. If, for example, you think typists are as outmoded as typewriters, you’d be wrong. A skilled typist who’s willing to train intensely to get up to about 200 words a minute will qualify to be a court reporter — a highly specialized skill always in demand. There are only 50,000 to 60,000 of them in the United States, according to Labor Department statistics, and job openings are expected to grow steadily through 2010.

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