How to read your Hotmail from Gmail

Posted on March 3, 2007. Filed under: eMail, GMail, Hotmail |

If you’ve got a Hotmail account laying around but you’ve made the switch to Gmail, blogger Javed Mandary has instructions on how to get your Hotmail in Gmail.

Hotmail doesn’t offer POP access but Javed uses IzyMail to enable Hotmail POP and then get the messages using the Gmail Fetcher. Great for anyone still hanging onto that old Hotmail account for some crazy reason.

+ Reading your Hotmail email directly from Gmail [Javed Mandary :: Dodo Unleashed]

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Gmail or Thunderbird?

Posted on January 9, 2007. Filed under: Browsers, eMail, Firefox, GMail |

I’m a loyal Gmail user but I keep hearing good things about Thunderbird. Is it really the Firefox of email programs? Why should I use Thunderbird instead of – or in conjunction with – Gmail?

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How to free up space in Gmail

Posted on November 21, 2006. Filed under: GMail |

You’d think almost 3 gigabytes would be more than enough space to store your email, but for the last two weeks my Gmail account has hovered ominously above 95% of the allowed storage quota. When it finally peaked at 98% (2725 MB of 2780 MB), I had to do something.However, forwarding all those messages by hand or downloading 2.7 gigabytes of mail were out of the question. I simply had to start hitting that delete button. Using a few effective filters that helped determine what I could safely delete, I took my Gmail account from 98% of quota down to 67% of quota without losing one important message. Here’s how I did it.

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New Gmail Feature: “Mute” endless threads

Posted on November 14, 2006. Filed under: GMail |









Google rolled out a few new Gmail features this weekend including “mute,” which automatically archives messages that arrive in response to a particular conversation. Googler Adam Lasnik explains:

1) You get yet another annoying message in the same damn conversation that’s already been conversed to death.
2) You press the ‘m’ key. Unless a message is written *directly* to you (e.g., your name is in the TO spot), you’ll never see that message in your inbox again!
In short, the Mute feature enables you to tell Gmail: “Archive this conversation AND all future posts in it… just have ‘em skip the inbox!”

Very handy, especially for those of you with chatty friends that keep beating a dead horse in your inbox.

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Download of the Day: Backup to Email (Windows)

Posted on November 9, 2006. Filed under: Back Up, eMail, GMail |

Windows only: Quickly create a backup of any file by e-mailing it to yourself. That’s the idea behind Backup to Email, which makes it a simple two-step process. Just right-click any file, then choose Backup to Email; the software instantly ferries the file to your Gmail account. (It should really be called Backup to Gmail.) It even splits files larger than 10MB.

This is one of those head-smacking, why-didn’t-anyone-think-of-this-sooner utilities. I’ve long advocated the idea of backing up important files by e-mailing them to yourself. I’ll often do that after working hours on a feature–just in case my hard drive chooses that moment to die.

Backup to Email works like a charm and saves me having to create and address a new e-mail every time I want to make an on-the-fly backup. It’s free and Windows-compatible.

+ Backup to E-mail [via Download Squad]

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Play MP3s in Gmail

Posted on November 6, 2006. Filed under: Advice, eMail, GMail, Google |

I was uploading some MP3s that I wanted to have available without carrying around a thumb drive. After I uploaded the files and the messages containing the MP3’s showed up in my inbox, I saw a link next to the files that said ‘play.’ I clicked it and, lo and behold, a little player (similar to the one Google Video uses) popped up and started playing the file. Could be useful to people who don’t want to carry music files around.

Sure enough, it works. Alas, Gmail won’t play WMA files, only MP3s. Even so, great tip.

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