How to get the best looking garden in the street

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It’s beginning to look a lot like spring/summer in my neck of the woods, with the dulcet tones of lawnmowers filling the air. British DIY store Godfrey’s has a few tips that practically guarantee jealous fits from your neighbors, such as:

  • Cut it regularly, ideally once a week.
  • Water occasionally – watch your moisture levels.
  • Check out the lawn food, but apply sparingly.

I know from experience that many fertilizers and other lawn supplements can do more harm than good, and wil actually “burn” your grass, so use with caution.

+ Your Guide to a Better lawn [Ask Godfrey]

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How to clean your house like a maid (for the missis’ benefit!)

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DIY site Curbly offers advice on efficient housecleaning from someone who used to clean houses.

The mantra of the company I worked for was top to bottom, left to right. This way you could easily walk into any room and know exactly where to get started. The work was divided into “wet rooms” (bathrooms and kitchens) and “dry rooms” (living room, dining room, bedrooms).

The author provides specific instructions on cleaning both kinds of rooms, along with various “maid tips” to help you work faster/smarter/better. Now, if someone could explain how to deal with the kids-toys epidemic that has devastated my house, I’d be all set.

+ Clean like a maid! [Curbly]

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Every Nerd’s Dream Desk Setup

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Just when we were patting ourselves on the ass for having three monitors and a laptop on our desk, Stefan Didak has to show us up with his power-sucking home office. His setup consists of 7 screens, all of which are LCDs, all coming from one desktop. If you add in his two laptops, that makes 9 screens, and if you add in his USB mounted LED lights, that makes instantaneous skin cancer. Nevertheless, we’re still dreaming of the day we have enough money to (and our wives let us) set this up in our own home. Probably a great way to either sterilize ourselves or make sure our kids come out neon green.

+ Stefan Didak’s Home Office [Stefan Didak via Digg]

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Pod life: Stackable Homes

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The Perrinepod is a self-contained, stackable housing unit that can be placed within a month of ordering. Mother in law moving in? Adding a home office? No problem for a Perrinepod dweller. Just order a second unit and plug it in. Buyers with large extended families will be happy to know the pods can be stacked to 30 stories high.

Made from polished concrete, aluminium and glass, Perrinepod’s standard colours are grey and white, but the concrete can be toned to any natural pigment, including black and shades of brown. Its pod-like looks are enhanced by a lack of joins and sharp corners. Making it nearly as plug-and-play as an iPod, internal wiring and plumbing are built in, and utilities are hooked up at one central point.

Perrinepods come in three sizes: one, two and three bedrooms (AUD 99,000 – 200,000), with external dimensions of 8 x 6m, 8 x 9m and 8 x 12m. The units are designed and manufactured in Perth. Prices include delivery to metropolitan areas in Australia, erection of the Perrinepod, and all interior fittings.

Architect Jean-mic Perrine’s philosophy is that the houses should be nothing more or less than its inhabitants need, and that simple design and beautiful material should be able to stand the test of time: “Living spaces have become as transient and irrelevant as fashion. It’s no longer a look for a generation that people strive for, its the look of ‘now’ and it only lasts for a three to four year period. That approach is not sustainable and people are putting themselves and the environment under a lot of unnecessary pressure trying to keep up.”

Following four years of research and design, the first Perrinepods will be making their debut next month. As more consumers are showing interest in small homes and in the instant gratification of high-design prefab housing, this could be a nice one to distribute in other parts of the world (manufactured locally, of course).

+ Perrinepod [via Springwise]

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LAGO: Forward Thinking Design

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When it comes to thinking outside the square, Italian furniture design company, Lago, is well outside the parameters of traditional thinking. With the talents of its prized designers Daniele Lago and Massimo Bonnetti virtually on tap, the boundless creativity and functionality is evident in their current range.

The company takes a step back from the design board and looks at the way in which people interact with furniture on a daily basis and in a variety of environments. Flexibility is the essence of these designs, and with it comes functionality which is wonderfully executed in their floating ‘Shelf System’ range, named Tangram.

 This system can be arranged in a generous number of varying designs. From expressive geometric through to the letters of the alphabet, the floating shelves open the boundaries of the way we look at storing and displaying items in the home. The system invites the shelves themselves to interact with their surroundings, and promotes them to the same footing as the objects they house.

As many designers gravitate towards a minimal look, Lago appropriates this concept by creating weightless or floating aesthetics to their ‘Flutta’ bed range. The bed comes in either a circular or traditional rectangular design, and evokes the impression of weightlessness by its ingenious support system. With a discrete wall mounted bracket and a metal streamline pillar placed in the center of the bed’s base, Futta literally appears to float.


These designs not only impress consumers with the manner in which they interact with an environment – they stun us with their shear simplistic design, creating an overall stunning effect. In a market which demands forward thinking from designers, Italian design company Lago is setting benchmarks standards which will force others to follow suit. by Andy G

  + via thecoolhunter.net

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