Introduction to the Unix command line

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For those of you who start to glaze over when we sing the praises of the command line but secretly harbor ninja-like shell mastery ambitions,’s got an introduction to the command line for your perusal.

The tutorial is aimed at readers on a Linux desktop, but you can always fire up Cygwin, boot into Knoppix or Damn Small Linux to start your learnin’ without building a whole other machine. Lessons include file manipulation, permissions, output redirection and job management. Doesn’t that sound fun? Don’t forget to check out my introduction to Cygwin series, part 1, 2, and 3, too.

+ Learning the Shell [ via]

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Beginners guide to running Linux in a virtual machine

Posted on February 1, 2007. Filed under: Linux |

Details on how to run Linux as a virtual machine on your Windows desktop for the absolute beginner. We recently covered how to run Windows apps on your Linux desktop, so this piece serves as a nice counterpoint. If you just want to try out a Linux distribution to get a taste of what it’s like, booting up a Linux Live CD is probably you’re best bet. However, if you actually want to run Linux more frequently, but you don’t want to do a full-on install, setting up Linux in a virtual machine is just what you need.

+ Beginner’s Guide: Run Linux like any other program in Windows [from]

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The LINUX Phone

Posted on February 1, 2007. Filed under: Linux, Phone |

Is LINUX really going to be able to step away from the ‘geek me’ OS?

No matter how legit a device might look to begin with, it’s always encouraging to see a few pics of it in the real world, just to ease our anxious souls. Well, it looks like TurboLinux’s Wizpy can official join the ranks of living, breathing devices, now that Impress Watch has gotten a hold of the little Linux number. Not much more real info about this guy, just the usual PMP / Linux-booting fare, but if that 33,800 yen pricetag for the 4GB version is a bit steep, you might be glad to hear TurboLinux has a 2GB version on the way as well, which should cost 29,800 and drop at the same time on February the 23rd. Peep a few less glossy pics after the jump.

+ TurboLinux’s Wizpy in the wild [from Engadget]

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