‘Knocked Up’ Trailer

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From the fine folks who brought you The 40-Year-Old Virgin comes Knocked Up, starring Seth Rogen and the very hot nice Katherine Heigl. I actually found the teaser trailer to be a lot funnier than the full trailer thanks to its use of coarse language. Check it out.

Click here to see the Teaser Trailer

Click here to see the Full trailer


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James Bond “Casino Royale” Trailer — The New Bond

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Casino Royale was the first Bond book in the series, and we’ve got a new star. The film is a big test for the bond franchise, as a lot of the fave characters like gadget-god “Q” and MoneyPenny aren’t in this film. This is the new James Bond…

His name is Daniel Craig, and “They said he was too ugly, too chunky and too blond to play the sixth James Bond. Bookmakers took bets that the actor known as “Mr Potato Head” would not survive the first movie.”

But he did, and he’s been signed on to do two more. Here is an in-depth profile of the new Bond for those who don’t know him. Others, you will see him Nov 16 when the film is released.

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Review: Snakes On A Plane

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I went into Snakes on a Plane fully expecting to hate it, exhausted by the marketing and hype that saturated the internet. The premise of the film—explained fully in the title—was the invention of first time scriptwriter David Dalessandro, who had his screenplay, then called Venom, turned down by all 30 Hollywood studios in 1995.

After several years, New Line finally took the bait and pushed the film into production. Samuel L Jackson signed up on the strength of the name, and when the title was later changed to the more conservative Pacific Air Flight 121, he kicked up a stink, saying “We’re totally changing that back. That’s the only reason I took the job: I read the title.”

f course, it’s a ridiculous plot; but this is a film that knows it’s cheesy and schlocky. Jackson exclaimed “It’s not Gone with the Wind. It’s not On the Waterfront. It’s Snakes on a Plane!” Pointing out the holes in the plot is a futile exercise, because to do so is to miss the point entirely. A blog entry from, called The Best Worst Movie of the Year, said that the artless title, terrible plot and fan-created trailers “clinches the would-be dud’s place in the camp classics hall of fame.”

+ more 

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Borat: Cultural Learning of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

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Sacha Baron Cohen, famous for his satirical style of comedy, is releasing a movie, Borat: Cultural Learning of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

The basic premise: Cohen is Borat, a Kazakhi journalist sent to America to study its people and cultures.

No Americans were harmed in the filming of this movie–but many were embarrassed. An article on states:

In other offending scenes Cohen – himself Jewish – spits out food from Jewish owners of a bed-and-breakfast fearing poison, while in another he tells black presidential candidate ALAN KEYES he has a “chocolate face.”

If you’re still not excited about seeing this movie yet, just check out the trailer

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Transformers: The Movie

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Dueling alien races, the Autobots and the Decepticons, bring their battle to Earth, leaving the future of humankind hanging in the balance.

+ Official Site   + View the trailer

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Monster House

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Looking over the horizon, there are countless computer generated animated features, all pale imitations of the masters of the craft, Pixar (who brought us Toy Story, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles and the disappointing Cars) and DreamWorks Animation SKG (creators of Shrek and Madagascar). It takes a special kind of film to fight its way through the endless arrays of cute furry animals and do something different. Monster House is that movie.

+ Monster House

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