Determine and lower the cost of leaving your PC running

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The Coding Horror weblog details how to determine the cost of running your PC all day, then describes a few ways you can cut down on your power consumption and lower your bills.

To determine your power draw, the author suggests either buying a tool to measure your energy consumption or, if you don’t feel like shelling out the cash, you can make an educated guess. Then you can just plug your numbers into the equations to determine how much power you’re computer eats every year. Finally, the author suggests some methods for cutting down on your daily consumption, like setting your hard drives to sleep on inactivity. Whether you keep your computer running all day or not, these tips could help you cut down on your computer costs.

+ The cost of leaving your PC on [Coding Horror] [via lifehacker]

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Turning Black Coal Green

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A radical new power plant aims to convert our dirtiest fossil fuel into clean-burning hydrogen.

Big lumps of sooty coal hardly seem like the future of energy, but that’s exactly what the U.S. Department of Energy predicts. Consumption of the fossil fuel—the main source of greenhouse gas and a major contributor to acid rain, smog and mercury poisoning—will hit 10.6 billion tons a year by 2030, a near doubling of the 5.4 billion tons burned in 2003, according to the agency.

But coal’s growing dominance need not spell doom for the environment, says Mike Mudd, a former manager of technology development at American Electric Power (AEP), one of the country’s biggest utilities. Mudd is now CEO of FutureGen, a $1-billion project sponsored by the DOE in partnership with 11 leading energy companies to build the first near-zero-emission coal plant by 2012. The 275-megawatt facility will serve as the model for a new generation of high-tech coal facilities.

+ Read more on Turning Black Coal Green [via popsci.com]

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