The Future of Personal Security

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High-tech security isn’t just for the airport anymore. Advances now coming out of the labs will help protect what’s dear to you, from your car to your kids, your dinner to your dinero.

Cameras with behavior-tracking software will watch for danger on the playground

A kidnapper loitering in front of the local school. A thief slipping into a warehouse. A suspicious stranger dropping a bag in a hallway. The average security camera can catch all these actions, but the footage isn’t much help if the person monitoring the screens is dozing, or so wiped out after hours of viewing that he wouldn’t notice a mushroom cloud erupting on monitor three.

In the next five years, the security industry could be revolutionized by the spread of smart cameras that pick out shady behavior. Like a friend rousing you from a nap on the couch to check out a great play in a ballgame, these cameras will flag important events and encourage security guards—and high-school principals—to take a closer look. Instead of blankly staring at a screen for hours, says David Abrams, the CTO of Interact Public Safety Systems in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, “you’re only looking at video when the software thinks something is going on.”

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10 passwords to avoid

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The Modern Life is Rubbish weblog lists the 10 most common passwords in the UK – a list that should serve as a good reminder of passwords you want to avoid.

As a bona fide Yank, I can tell that the list has a bit of a UK slant, but the general ideas behind these passwords are pretty universal. Of the top 10 passowrds, 3 of the are numerical/ordered keyboard inputs (‘123’, ‘123456’, and ‘qwerty’); 4 are popular names (first names or popular sports teams); and 2 are sort of password jokes/gimmes (‘letmein’ and ‘password’). Granted, I think most Lifehacker users know how to choose great passwords), but think of this as a little reminder. If you find that a password of yours fits into one of the three categories above, you might want to tighten up the screws on your password security.

+ Top 10 Most Common Passwords [Modern LIfe is Rubbish]

+ Google Cache of Top 10 Most Common Passwords [site has been down intermittently]

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