The most annoying aspects of Windows Vista

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PC World publishes a laundry list of irritants in Windows Vista, including the “anorexic” feed reader for the Sidebar and User Account Control (an official Lifehacker Vista pest):

“We often worry about Microsoft playing Big Brother, but now it’s playing Big Mother, attempting to protect you from your own rash impulses to run new software. Try to download a program, and Internet Explorer will block it. (“It’s for your own good. You can’t be too careful, you know. Who knows where that program has been!”) Unblock it, and IE will ask if you really, truly want to download the software. (“These programs can be dangerous, you know. I just don’t want you to get hurt.”)”

Other complaints include the slow and constantly-scanning Network Places area (yup) and Windows’ assumption you’ll only be storing your data in the Documents directory Vista set up for you (indeed).

+ The Most Annoying Things About Windows Vista [PC World] [via lifehacker]

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Download of the Day: Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 (Windows)

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Windows only: Want your XP inside Vista or vice-versa? Virtual PC 2007 (3 years older and wiser than the 2004 edition) can run several versions of Windows on one physical PC.

You’ll need a full license of that other version of Windows to run it with Virtual PC, which can share the internet connection, hard drives or only certain folders between host and virtualized OS seamlessly. Virtual PC 2007 is now Vista compatible (but only runs on the Ultimate, Enterprise and Business editions as well as XP Pro), and it’s a free download courtesy of Microsoft.

+ Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 [Microsoft via Hackszine]

Also see “Run Windows XP inside Vista with Virtual PC” [via lifehacker]

Also see

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30 Essential Pieces Of Free (and Open) Software for Windows

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Recently, I received a fresh new laptop from Dell. Upon receiving it, I did the traditional “installation of Windows from scratch” on it to remove a lot of the garbage that is preinstalled on Dells. Then I got really busy installing tons of great software that takes care of pretty much every software need I have. Not only was all of the software free, every piece of it was open source, which means that the code is peer-reviewed; no spyware here!

What follows, after the jump, is a list of thirty pieces of software that are the cream of the crop of open source software for Windows. Not only is every piece of it free, almost all of them directly replace expensive software packages.

Now, if only there were an open version of The Sims 2, I might go the whole way and switch to Linux…

+ 30 Essential Pieces Of Free (and Open) Software for Windows [via thesimpledollar]

The list includes Firefox, Thunderbird, Open Office, Bit Torrent, VLC Media Player, NotePad 2and more…..

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26 tips for optimum computer functionality

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Keep your computer running along at top speed with this list of essential functionality tips from Lifehack blogger Reg Adkins.

Now, granted – there’s going to be times when that machine is just out to get you. However, you can avoid many of the most common computer breakdowns with simple computer maintenance.

The list includes:

  • Schedule automated updates at system setup
  • Run a disk scan to check for hard drive issues every week
  • Delete/uninstall unneeded or unused programs every month

+ 26 Tips to Keep Your Computer Up and Functioning [via]

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Download of the Day: ImgBurn (Windows)

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Windows only: Free utility ImgBurn writes any disk image to a CD or DVD quickly and easily.

I’d previously recommended ISO Recorder for this task, but ISO Recorder only supports DVDs on Vista and it only burns .iso images. Aside from DVD support across the board, ImgBurn can handle other disk images types, and it’s the tool used in DVD Flick, which I’ve been very happy with. ImgBurn is free, Windows only.

+ ImgBurn [from Lifehacker]

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How to crack a Windows password with Ophcrack Live CD

Posted on February 1, 2007. Filed under: Passwords, Windows |

Extremely impressed at the ease and speed with which the Ophcrack Live CD cracked my Windows admin password when I tested it out last a few weeks ago, I thought it might be useful to throw together a quick guide detailing how to use this powerful little utility.

Whether you need to recover the lost password to a Windows account, you’re looking to ensure that you’re passwords are secure, or you’re a super l33t h4x0r, the Ophcrack Live CD is a pretty useful tool.

After you download and burn the Live CD, the gallery after the jump will walk you through every simple step in the process.

+ How to crack a Windows password with Ophcrack Live CD [from Lifehacker]

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A Visual History of Microsoft Windows

Posted on January 31, 2007. Filed under: History, Windows, Windows Media Player, Windows XP |

The world’s most ubiquitous operating system was not always so. The evolution of Windows was often uncertain and precarious. Its success was symbiotic with advancements in processor speed and memory capacity, and Microsoft relied heavily on third-party software to bridge the gap between concept and consumer. Tour the 23-year history of the Windows OS through these screenshots.

+ A History of Microsoft Windows [from Wired News]

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